Monday, October 10, 2011


About the Site

The purpose of Love You Discreetly is to chronicle my personal journey through the world of adult sex toys. I will be highlighting the products that catch my eye, and sharing my reviews of the products I own.

The title of this blog is taken from a somewhat (haha) explicit Tenacious D song, that I will slightly edit below:
This is a song for the ladies
But fellas listen closely
You don't always have to freak her hard
In fact sometimes that's not right, to do
Sometimes you've got to make some love
And freakin' give her some smoochies too
Sometimes you got to squeeze
Sometimes you got to say "Please..."
Sometimes you got to say "Hey..."

I'm gonna freak you softly
I'm gonna screw you gently
I'm gonna hump you sweetly
I'm gonna ball you discreetly

And then you say "Hey I brought you flowers"
And then you say "Wait a minute, Sally"
"I think I got somethin' in my teeth, could you get it out for me?"
That's freakin' team work!

What's your favorite posish
That's cool with me
It's not my favorite but I'll do it for you
What's your favorite dish?
I'm not gonna cook it
But I'll order it from Zanzibar

And then I'm gonna love you completely
And then I freakin' freak you discreetly
And then I freakin' bone you completely
But then I'm gonna freak you haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

Quality lyrical content, right there. Seriously though, it does describe the variety of love makin' that is required to have a satisfying sex life, and what this blog will attempt to advocate.

About the Author

DiscretionAdvised is a 20-something married monogamous male, living in the USA. He is currently interested in innovative, well-built sex toys that provide a lot of "bang for the buck".